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Why are animated explainer videos so popular? Are they beneficial for the current generation of social media users? Could they be your most effective social media marketing tool?

In the past, flourishing social networks were the “it” thing among internet business professionals. Almost every firm pondered and evaluated how far social media marketing might take them in achieving their objectives.

Then, the original social media explosion was followed by an online video boom, where the video has become the simplest online material to distribute due to the so-called social media generation. On Facebook, photographs get twice as many likes as words, and videos are shared twelve times more often than links and text combined. And every minute, 700 videos are posted on Twitter.

Video uploading, content promotion, viewing, and sharing now characterize a new generation of Internet users. Online businesses of all sizes are focusing their efforts on video content, and animated explainer films play a pivotal part in this trend. They have become the most cutting-edge online marketing tool since they can inform prospective clients about a product or service in under two minutes.

What are the specific reasons why they may be able to enhance your social media campaign? They are the most engaging and cost-effective online content.
Internet and social media increasingly rely on visually appealing, emotionally engaging, and immediately engaging material. An animated explainer film combines these three elements, explaining your product or service more effectively and affordably than any other internet content: Globally, 52% of marketing experts regard video as the online material with the highest ROI. We feel it is the ideal marketing tool for the social media generation for this reason.

An explainer film simplifies complicated concepts, develops compelling visual metaphors by merging these concepts, and simultaneously entices on an emotional level. It may then be shared due to its informative and effective content, since video can increase conversions by up to 60% on average, but also (and most likely) due to its appealing aesthetics, engaging narrative, or even endearing characters.

They Can Be Measured Easily

Every marketing expert is aware that all efforts must be quantifiable in order to determine the actual reach and effectiveness of a campaign.

The fantastic news is that evaluating the social media success of your video is simpler and more comprehensive than with any other online material. On YouTube, for instance, you can evaluate the precise moment your video was seen, if it was played in its entirety, and the number of times it was shared.

In addition to the free basic analytics that YouTube and Vimeo provide, there are paid services that provide more in-depth statistics, such as the number of repeat views by the same user or the entire viewing rates of your video. In addition, you should already be aware that every social network offers sponsored marketing services for your video postings that enable you to constantly monitor the effectiveness of your campaign.

They Might be Due to the sharing capabilities of video, Viral Virtualization is a social media user phenomena that creates free dissemination and even free advertising.

Explaining a product or service in an entertaining and even humorous manner, animated marketing films has the best qualities of both. Therefore, if they are of sufficient quality, they might be readily virtualized, enhancing their marketing value for your organization.

Utilize explainer films as part of your social media marketing plan. They’re Mobile-Friendly Video presently accounts for fifty percent of all mobile Internet traffic and is projected to increase to sixty-one percent over the next two years. iPhones and Smartphones account for 40% of YouTube’s worldwide viewing time. This tendency will only continue to grow, thus every online firm is now concentrating on developing mobile-friendly films to avoid losing this market.

We already know that animated marketing videos are entertaining, brief, and simple to embed on any platform; thus, they are also the perfect material for mobile marketing.

They are Beneficial for Every Marketing Campaign

Not only is an animated explainer video ideal for social media, but it can also be used effectively on your website’s landing pages, in E-mail marketing, and in business presentations.

You may enhance all of your marketing efforts with a single investment in an explainer video production firm. The nice thing about animated marketing video is that it is visual, emotive, and successful in all situations.

Engaging, possibly viral, mobile-friendly, and readily objective-driven, an explanation video might be the most effective social media marketing tool for businesses. It is also a cost-effective investment that develops genuine brand recognition, improving conversion and sales, and it can be used in any kind of online campaign.

All marketing professionals are aware that their efforts must be quantifiable to determine the real scope and effectiveness of their initiatives.

It may be simpler and more efficient to monitor the social media performance of your video than any other online material.

You can monitor and evaluate the precise moment your movie was seen on YouTube, for example. You can also see the number of times it was shared and if it was played in its entirety.

YouTube also enables you to analyze the demographics of your viewers, such as gender and age.

In addition to free basic analytics like as those on YouTube and Vimeo, you may choose to use more advanced paid services.

These give additional data, such as the number of rewatches by the same user or the total viewing rates of your video.

Use explainer films for social media promotion immediately! Videos and Viral Spread

When a video becomes viral, it produces both free dissemination and advertising. Your video might potentially get hundreds or millions of views!

However, individuals sharing your video does not mean that it has gone viral. Going viral indicates an exponential increase in the number of shares.

You must also be aware that certain videos have a larger possibility of becoming viral than others. Although virtualization is not a secret, we know that comedic videos (50%) and how-to videos (38%) are the most likely to go viral. Because they describe the product or service in an interesting and often humorous manner, AEVs possess both traits.

As a consequence, they may easily become viral, hence increasing their marketing value for your company.

AEVs are Beneficial for All Marketing Efforts

You may improve all of your marketing efforts with a single investment in an explainer video production firm. This is possible through social media, mobile communication, email, your business presentations, and even your website and blog. The nice thing about animated marketing films is that they are visual, emotive, and powerful regardless of where they are placed. AEVs might be the most effective corporate tool for boosting social media marketing.

As you go through your online social networking feeds, you will likely notice something: More than anything else, businesses are uploading videos. You’ve seen more than one of those culinary videos that teach you how to prepare a great meal (and maybe even tried a few) or those viral advertisements that everyone talks about. There is little doubt that video has become the preferred form of content in web-based networking platforms. Need confirmation?

Videos are twice as popular as textual material on Facebook. Videos are posted on Facebook far more often than content and relationships.

The vast majority of advertising specialists agree that video provides the highest return on investment of any tactic.

Moreover, this is simply the beginning. Video is unquestionably a critical part of any online networking advertising campaign – it’s engaging, externally appealing, and generates an emotional connection that other media cannot — although how may you accomplish it right? Successful web-based live video advertising needs uploading more than just your advertisements or business highlight reel. It is also not necessary to invest thousands of dollars in full-scale video production, replete with on-screen actors and art administrations. As perhaps the finest social marketers can attest, the right answer is passivity.

Our Opinions Regarding Animated Explanation Videos

Every advertising expert is aware that every effort must be quantified in order to determine the actual reach and success of digital marketing campaigns. Intriguingly, calculating the internet-based life of your film may be both easier and more thorough than with other online content. On YouTube, for instance, you can determine exactly when your video was seen, if it was watched in its entirety, and how often it was shared.

In addition to free basic metrics such as those provided by YouTube or Vimeo, there are an expanding variety of rental services that provide more in-depth statistics, such as the number of re-views from the same user or the entire viewership rates of your movie. Aside from that, you should be aware that every informal group offers compensated advancement services for your video presentations that allow you to continue closely watching your combat performance.