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A livestream is a video shoot that is aired in real time for social media or events.


Live Streaming Requires Expertise in Video Production.

A livestream is simply a real-time broadcast of a video shoot. We employ professional cameras, lighting, and audio equipment to ensure that your audience receives a high-quality video broadcast. For more intricate events, we can provide many cameras and live switching to simulate a television show. Obviously, all of this content is capable of being captured and altered for later use as separate videos.

Why is Streaming Live So Popular Amount Businesses in Singapore?

It makes individuals feel more connected. As a viewer, you have the chance to participate in a live event as it occurs. To attain even greater levels of participation, many of our clients choose webinars. Participants subscribe beforehand, join in to the webinar site, and are given the opportunity to contribute to the live stream. Webinars are ideally suited for events that involve more complex information delivery and participant questioning.

What Can I Stream Live in Singapore?

Almost anything! Here are a few examples of the several sorts of live streaming we’ve created for clients:

Schedule Your Live Stream event With Us

The cost of live streaming depends heavily on the specifications of your event. Elfin Studio may now tailor a package to your demands and budget, as a result of the availability of a variety of possibilities.

The global marketplace has evolved, and live streaming is no longer an optional service; it is now a necessity. Whether for clients or employees, live broadcasting will be required to satisfy cost-cutting and sustainability objectives.

We Specialized in Business Live Streaming in Singapore

Our forte at Elfin Studio is expert video production. We can provide a high-quality live stream solution that can be recorded locally as it is being transmitted. This allows you to utilize your content for other applications once the stream has concluded. Want to edit a clip of your live-streamed event’s highlights? We can assist you with that.

Contact Elfin Studio if you are seeking for a live streaming firm in Singapore that combines audio-visual and video production expertise with the most advanced live video streaming technology.

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We are dedicated to working with you for you, which is why we provide a variety of packages for businesses with continuous video production demands and requirements.

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